Tina and Danny’s Wedding!

This past weekend was Tina and Danny’s wedding.  Sheena and Tina are highschool buddies that have kept in touch over the years.  What an amazing wedding!  The ceremony and reception were both in downtown in really awesome venues.  Upon entering the church we were greeted by none other than the groom himself!

photo 2

Usually the groom is in some back room with his groomsmen, but it was awesome to actually chat with Danny before the wedding got started.  I thought it was really cool of him to be out there chatting with the guests.  I’ve never met Danny before, but in that brief meeting, you can tell he’s a good guy (in addition to being really really good looking).

The chapel was amazing.


We snagged a seat next to these two (Jimmy & Hansen):

photo 3


The ceremony went smoothly.  In the pic below you can see Danny anticipating Tina’s walk-in:

groom waiting

And Tina teases the groom (along with the rest of us) with a peak of her dress…

bride tease

Then she finally walks in with her Dad.



After the ceremony, the walk out as smooth as they walked in.  All smiles!


There was a small break between the ceremony and the reception, so we linked up with our good friends Tim and Jess and enjoyed Downtown a bit.  Here’s the four of us in front of the church.


As we walked the streets we stumbled upon Tina and Danny’s photo-shoot!


The Houston Marathon was being set up at the same time.  Here’s another shot so you can get a better idea of what the scene looked like.

couple photoshoot

The reception was at the Hilton Americas and it was a sight to see.  They really went all out!



Before we headed out, we were able to snap a quick pic with the happy couple.

photo 5

In the lobby they had a huge backdrop to snap some pics “with the couple” so we couldn’t pass up that opportunity!

backdrop pic

Overall, we had an awesome time!  Both Danny and Tina looked great and they seemed to enjoy the entire day as well.

Congrats Tina and Danny!  We wish ya all the best!



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