Flat Tire in Downtown

Wednesday after work, I hopped into my Trailblazer and make my way to pick up Ezzy from Sheena’s mom house… the usual weekday-after-work routine.  I’m making my way down the city streets and all of a sudden, I hear a flopping noise…. so I pull over to a less busy street, jump out the truck to find a flat tire.


The jack is hidden under the back seat.  That’s not a horrible place to put it, but I have baby seats in the back, so I had to dismount those before I could get to it.

hiding jack

Then I began to loosen the lugs from the flat.  It’s better to do that while it’s on the ground.  After loosing the lugs, I used the tire iron to lower the spare tire.  There’s a lil hole behind the tailgate where you have to fish the tire iron and just turn it counter clockwise.

lower spare

As you turn it, the spare tire slowly lowers.


After dropping the spare and getting it free, I began to jack up the truck and eventually take off the flat.


Then it was just a matter of putting the spare on, putting away the flat and being on my way, right?  Wrong!  The spare was flat too!

flat spare

It was at 10 psi when the max is supposed to be 44 psi.  It was enough for me to get to a gas station to air it up.  After it was all aired up, I was back in action.  30 minutes and getting my hands and work clothes dirty and I was good to go.

Sucks to have a flat, but I’m glad it happened yesterday when it was dry and 75 degrees (rather than wet and 40 degrees, as it is today).  I’m also glad it happened before I picked up Ezzy.  A little inconvenient, but overall, not a horrible thing to happen.

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