Anniversary Weekend!!!

This weekend (March 8th to be exact), Sheena and I celebrated 7 years of marriage!  Now that we’ve got 2 kids, we don’t really plan an elaborate event for our anniversary, but we did go to Michelangelo’s for dinner.  We went on a Valentine’s Day years ago and had a horrible experience, but we decided to give it another try.  We heard too many good reviews about it to only go once.  We’re glad we went again.  The service and food this time was great!



Later that night we were planning to join Sherene “No Hugs” Philip for her going away party.  Unfortunately for Houston, she’s moving back to Dallas.  It’s all for a good reason.  She got a great job and you can really see that she’s excited about this next phase in her life.  Dare I say, maybe she’s so joyful that she might start hugging people?  I mean, I still haven’t received a hug, but maybe others can…  We actually didn’t get to join in on the going away party due to timing issues, but we were lucky enough to chat with her briefly outside of the restaurant.  I felt sort bad to have her with us outside while friends were in the restaurant to celebrate her, but it was actually really great to see her and chat.


The next morning, we scooped up the kids from my parents house and made our way to Black Walnut in Sugarland.  Sheena organized a baby sprinkle for our friend Asha.


We bought some table decorations, flowers and balloons.  I’m not the smartest person in the world, so I “tied” all of the balloons to one chair.  And by “tied” I mean, loosely wrapped the string around the chair.  Inevitable, the balloons got loose and made a home in the ceiling.


I told the girls (Layla and Maya) that I would buy ’em more balloons afterwards, but a super nice employee busted out a ladder, a long stick with a hanger taped to the end and pulled it down for us!  Here’s a pic of the guys admiring the hunt for the balloons and the girls not caring one bit.


After Black Walnut, we had the crew come back to our place, just to hang out.  To our surprise, Tim and Jess stayed with us for the entire day!  What an awesome treat!  Hunger eventually crept back up so Tim and I went to HEB and grabbed some salmon.


Tim’s an amazing chef and he can make an awesome salmon!  First he cut it up in 4 pieces.



Then he dropped some seasoning on it.


Then it was a matter of pan frying it for about 5mins total.



He also made roasted cauliflower.  First he cut it up.


Then tossed in some extra virgin olive oil.


Then, popped ’em in the oven until lightly browned.


Ezzy was patiently waiting for his plate at the table while Tim cooked, but then he realized he didn’t have teeth.  So he just drank his milk.


Here’s the finished product.  Sheena steamed some broccoli as well.


sooo good.

The older we get the less often we are able to spend an entire day with friends.  It was such a pleasant surprise that they were willing to just kick it with us all day!  Tim started to feel guilty and kept asking if they should leave, but I was begging them to stay!  Around 10pm they made the executive decision to go home.  If it were up to us, they would have spent the night… but it was a fun time!

Sunday we did our usual routine.  Go to church, do our grocery shopping for the week and just relax.  Blesson (my bro) invited us to have lunch at our parent’s house.  It was nice to hang with the family on Sunday.  Layla loves playing with Brucey and its fun to see Mom & Dad interact with all the kids.  Later that day, Sheena wanted to clear out some of the shoes that don’t fit Layla anymore.  We laid it all out and discovered that she has too many shoes in general!


Why does a 3 year old have this many shoes?


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