Weekend Review [April 11th]

This weekend was casual/busy.  The days were packed, but with no major deadlines to meet.  Friday, I attended Sheena’s work banquet.  Sheena’s mom came over to watch the kiddos.  While we waited for Grandma, Layla played the trumpet while it was hammer time for Ezzy.


I’ve been to the banquet multiple times and each year I’m always impressed.  A great majority of Second Mile’s funding comes from this banquet, so we usually sponsor a table and invite friends/family to join us.  There’s a silent auction in the beginning.  Usually I have time to walk around, check things out and make bids on items.  This year, by the time I got there, it seemed like everything was labeled “Item Sold” before I could even look at it!  I guess it’s a good problem to have!


Saturday morning, we rounded up the family and went to the Riverstone Clubhouse.  They had an animal/reptile exhibit where you can get up close and personal with it!  Layla was super brave and touched snakes, baby alligators, caterpillars….




Ezzy slept the entire time we were there.


Here’s a shot of a few of the exhibit stations.


There was a face painting booth so Layla got a rainbow on her face.

face paint

That afternoon, Sheena’s high school bud Alice along with her husband and daughter came for a visit.  They just flew in from Singapore (with a 3 month old).  Big props for surviving that trip with a lil one!


Here’s a shot of Ezzy and Mila.


Later that day my uncle and aunt from Dallas were in town, so they stopped by for a bit.  The rest of Saturday, we all just kicked it.  Sunday after church we did our usual grocery shopping.  Layla and Ezzy were excited to be in the race car shopping cart.


Saturday was my Mom’s birthday, so we all went to lunch after church to celebrate.  Wes and Kasey seem to always take the girls to Bombay Brassiere on Sunday, so we just decided to go there.  Here’s a shot of the kiddos… you’ll note Layla pinching a huge chunk of Ezzy’s cheek.  He’s used to it.


It was a dual celebration.  My Mom’s birthday and the fact that Wes and Kasey are expecting!  If you haven’t already seen the pic they posted on Facebook, here is it!


Read more about their story here.  It’s a good post!  You will want to read it!

Hope everyone had a great weekend as well!

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