Austin Road Trip

This past weekend we headed to Austin to hang with some friends.  Austin is always fun.  We lucked out with some amazing weather, so that was a plus!  This trip we stayed with our friends Samir and Mindy.  They’ve got a beautiful home in the hills.  Their kids Rizah and Carmen are awesome and entertaining.  Layla and Ezzy got along with them very well!  We drove in late on Friday night (so the kids would sleep the entire trip).  It also allowed us to have all day Saturday to just kick it.  Here are some pics of our weekend.

Saturday morning, Rizah and Carmen were busying making us tea!

Once breakfast was done, we all threw on our swim gear and jumped into the pool… well, not really.  It was sorta cold, so we just put our feet in the kiddie pool area.


There’s Sheena and Ezzy in the kiddie area.


Here’s a shot of our gracious hosts!


Rizah and Layla got along really well.  Here’s a shot of them sharing a huge bowl of fruit.


After pool time, we had lunch


When things warmed up a bit, we got back into the pool.  Although it was warmer, I was still too chicken to fully jump in!  Still too cold for me!  More reason to come back in the summer!

Here’s a pano shot of their backyard view.  It was amazing!


Later in the day, Neil and Rita came over to hang with us for a bit.  They recently moved to Austin and are fully diving in to the Austin lifestyle!  Afterwards, we just kicked it at the house.  Here are the kiddos watching TV in the family room.


Here’s Ezzy and I on the balcony.  He wasn’t very interested in taking a pic with his pops!


Sunday we did a quick stop to Neil and Rita’s place before we left Austin.  They’re not too far from Samir and Mindy, so they get to enjoy those awesome views from their window as well!

One of Layla’s best friends (Ava) was turning 5.  We had to make it back in time for the party, so we hit the road.  We got back into town around 1pm.  We chilled for about 30 minutes and hopped back out the door to go to the party.


Pokie seemed stress about Barbie being set on fire.


Here’s Ava about to blow out the candles.


There was a bounce house set up in the front yard, but Ezzy thought it’d be better to sit, relax and watch from a safe distance.


Overall, we had a great weekend.  Any weekend where we’re able to just relax and spend some quality time with friends is a good weekend for us.

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