Weekend Review [April 4th, 2015]

This weekend was my nephew’s (Brucey) 1st Birthday.  It was also a friend’s (Sanoj Varghese) wedding in Dallas.  We couldn’t be at both events, so the family did a “divide and conquer” move for the weekend.  Sheena and Ezzy went to Dallas while Layla and I stayed in Houston.

On Thursday I went to Layla’s school for the big Easter Egg Hunt.




Tons of kids and a lot of fun!


Friday morning we dropped Layla off with my folks, I dropped Sheena and Ezzy off with Sheena’s mom and I headed off to work.  The rest of Friday was basically a travel day and rehearsal dinner for Sheena and Ezzy while Layla and I did our usual thing at home.  Saturday morning we had a chance to facetime with Sheena and Ezzy before they headed out to the wedding.


After facetime, we ran a few errands, which included a stop at Shipley’s donuts.  It was the first time I had a bear claw.  I. REGRET. NOTHING.


Around noon we went to Brucey’s first birthday party.  I actually took a ton of pics, but on the DSLR.  The only pick I got on my phone was this one:


Blesson and Jolly went all out.  They had it at The Stomping Grounds.  It’s basically a huge indoor play area for kids to run crazy.  There’s a huge maze/playground that the kids weave their way through.  The pic above is just the play area for the little ones.  They invited a good amount of people as well.  It’s always great to see everyone together.  After the party, we headed to Blesson & Jolly’s house to just kick it.  On the drive there, Layla took a quick nap like a rock star.


Once we got there, she got her second wind and loaded up the water guns to have a shoot out with her cousin Priya.


Then Hope, Josh, Jayce and Brucey came out to join in on the fun.


That Sunday we went to The Bridge (Blesson & Jolly’s church) for service.  They have an amazing children’s church.  Layla loved it.  Being that it was Easter Sunday, they had ice cream, games, special snacks and face painting too!


After church, we met up with our folks for lunch.  Sheena and Ezzy were making their way back from Dallas.  As soon as we finished lunch, Layla and I headed to Pearland to scoop ’em up.  It was only fitting to grab ice cream together as a family.


Ezzy was getting a lil jealous that everyone else was getting to eat ice cream, so we gave him small doses.  But you give him a little… he just wants more.


Layla and I both missed Sheena and Ezzy, but overall it was a pretty good weekend.  I hope everyone had a great Easter Weekend as well!

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