Weekend Review [July 17, 2015]

This past weekend was pretty fun!  Friday, Tim and Jess randomly offered to come over and cook up some dinner!  Earl and Asha joined us as well.  It was all very last minute, but welcomed none the less!  The menu?  Salmon Burgers with a Sriracha Mayo and Roasted Brussel Sprouts on the side.

salmon burger

While Chef Tim and Sou Chef Earl worked whipping up an awesome dinner, the girls sat “poolside” while the kids enjoyed a quick dip.

pool time

It’s always fun to just kick it with friends!

The next day, Pokie, Shane, Blesson and I went to Lake Charles to check out the newly built Golden Nugget.


It was a quick 2.5hr drive.

Golden Nugget


The place was really nice.  Once we got there, we hit up the buffet.  Great food.. but when you go to a casino, it’s not about the food.  It was business time.  And business was bad.. but we were still smiling.


Luckily with a short 5 minute walk, we were at L’auberge.  Our luck had changed!  I personally am a horrible gambler, but the dealer at one of the blackjack tables (Tonia) was soo cool.  She helped me out by being my adviser and essentially earned my money back!  BUT as the day progressed, I walked away from that table and quickly donated my money back to the casino via the roulette table.  Nothing too crazy, but a loss is a loss.  Luckily others in the group did better than me.


None of us walked in thinking we’d pay off the mortgage or quit our jobs Monday morning, so with that mindset, winning or losing, it was fun taking a day trip to just hang out.

Sunday was our usual routine.  Church, HEB (grocery shopping), cook, clean and get ready for the week.  I hope everyone had a good weekend and an even better week ahead!

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