Weekend Review [July 10th, 2015]

This weekend was pretty casual.  Friday, I stole borrowed my Dad’s chainsaw to trim up a tree in my backyard.  The tree looks great, but whenever I cut the grass I find myself bending down to avoid getting slapped with branches and avoiding insects that build a home there.

Tree insects

I started chopping some larger branches down and was pretty impressed with how good of a job that lil chainsaw could do.


It helped open up the space with those lower branches out of the way.  I then chopped up those branches some more and bundled ’em up for trash pick up.

trash pile

Layla hung out in the pool while I was working.

Layla pool

Afterwards, I was pretty tired (I had mowed the lawn as well), but it was Friday, so we had to do something.  When in doubt, we usually go to the Town Center.

town sqaure

There was a show going on in the square, so it was pretty packed, which is nice.  We had dinner and called it a night.  The next morning, I woke up to find these two in my bed (as usual).


I love that they love each other.  Saturday was pretty chill.  Just hanging with the family and did some shopping.  Nothing too crazy.  Sunday morning, we got ready for church.  Layla got dressed and looked like a little woman!

bun game


After church we headed to HEB.  As usual, Layla did her Buddy Bucks, but this time she won 50 points!  For those that don’t know, that’s a pretty big deal… outside of an “instant winner”.


For dinner, we had the family come over.  It’s been a while since we did that, so it was nice to all just kick it.


Here’s the spread.


After dinner we just kicked it for a bit.  Shane took to lead in feeding Ezzy while Brucey was hauling up the stairs.


Since the pool was out, Layla and Brucey took a quick swim.


Then Ezzy and Brucey entertained us with some music.


Overall a pretty great weekend!

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