Weekend Review [Aug 22, 2015]

This weekend was pretty chill.  Saturday we did some cleaning up around the house, but the main event was Layla’s best friend from school, Aubrey’s, Birthday Party!


It was at there home.  They’ve got a massive backyard with a pool, so it was a really great time!


There was a bit of pool time.


And of course, there are rules to the pool.



Then it was grub time.


Ezzy and I kicked it in the adult section.  He’s a rockstar.


Then it was time for dessert and gifts.  Check out how they decorated!  It’s like Pintrest came to life!

gifts cake

Then there was a pinata that needed to be cracked open.


Here’s a pic of Aubrey with her lil bro Aaron and super cool parents Andy and Shanay.


After all that, we were all pretty tired, so we kicked it at home the rest of the day.

Sunday, Sheena went to Sugar Creek’s main campus for a work thing, so Layla, Ezzy and I joined some friends at Sugar Creek in Sienna.  It was great to see everyone.  Libin is the campus pastor there so it was cool to see him do his thing!  Afterwards, we all hit up Brookstreet BBQ for lunch.  Sheena met us there as well.

I think the intent was to put their arms around Maya’s shoulders, but they ended up on top of her head.  Kinda awkward, but cute none the less.




After lunch we invited ourselves to Earl and Asha’s house.  Its always nice to kick it with them.  The kids play well together and we always have fun conversation.  Good times!

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