Busted Tail Light

On Monday, I got this message from my friend Tim:


On Tuesday I was stopped for speeding.  Not fun, but it happened.  After that stop, I walked away with 3 citations and 2 warnings.  Not cool…  I mean, they’re all legit and totally my fault, but still, not cool.

One of the 2 warnings was about the busted tail light.

busted tail light

Here’s how I fixed that problem.  First, this is what I used:


The tail light housing is held on by 2 screws (noted above), so I unscrewed ’em.



Once I opened it up, I un-clipped the wires harness and found 3 more screws.

more screws

After unscrewing those, I then had access to the bulbs.


After yanking out the busted bulb, I found this:


These bulbs overheat, I guess.  If the bulb grease isn’t used, it can melt… as you can see above.  I put the bulb grease on the new bulb, popped everything back in place and gave it a test.


We’re back in business.  A $6 fix would have avoided one of my 2 warnings, but what’s done is done.

Lesson for the day:  When you learn your tail light is out, replace it immediately!

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