Weekend Review [Oct. 24th, 2015]

This weekend was wet. A huge storm hit Mexico on the Pacific side, and we got a ton of rain because of it… but it didn’t stop us from enjoying the weekend!

Saturday, we met with some friends at the Egg and I for breakfast.



Maya and Layla were excited to see each other.




It was delicious!  My first experience there was pretty mediocre, but this time around, it was awesome!  I’m starting to like meeting friends for breakfast/brunch.  Kids are awake and in a good mood.  They’re hungry, so they’ll eat well.  Breakfast is always fun to eat for everyone AND you still get the rest of your day to do whatever you wish!  I think I’m getting old…

Around lunch time, Pokie and Julie hosted a Fall Costume party at their house.  The kids dressed up as BatGirl and Spiderman.


If you’re wondering… Yes, those are Ezzy’s actual muscles.


There were more elements to Layla’s costume, but she said it bothered her, so she didn’t wear ’em.. but it woulda been that much more awesome… Still pretty cool none the less.


The costumes were gifted to the kids by Shane (Sheena’s bro).  When we got to the party, the kids dove into the fun.


Julie had a face painting kit, so Sheena did a remarkable job as the impromptu face painter.



They did a potluck styled meal.  Here’s the spread!


The kids had an awesome time and it was fun for the adults to just kick it as well.







Sunday was another rainy day.  We went to church, did our usual HEB grocery run and came home.  Since it was raining, we just kicked it at home after all of that.  Layla helped me count some coins and wrap ’em up.


She enjoyed doing that, but she enjoyed it more when Maya came over.  Earl and Asha came by to kick it for a bit on Sunday.  I like hanging out randomly, so that was fun, especially since it was raining and we really didn’t want to be out and about anymore.

Although it was wet, it was still a pretty fun and productive weekend!

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