Weekend Review [Oct 31st, 2015]

This weekend we caught a lot of rain (again). This was kind of a bummer because our good friend Josh was getting married to Sophie this weekend!  Luckily, the rain let up by the time the wedding started on Saturday evening!

fam pic

Outside of the wedding, we really didn’t have much planned for Friday or Saturday morning.  So the rain didn’t really “mess up” any plans we had.  It worked out because it forced us to do some indoor things (like count and wrap coins, and clean up the house a bit).  But that’s boring, so lets get back to the wedding!

It was awesome.  The ceremony was held at The Foundry Church off of 290 an Jones Rd.  A bit of a drive, but a super nice church.  Great for pics!

Here’s a shot of Josh patiently waiting for Sophie to make her entrance.


I gotta say, I loved the flow of the wedding ceremony.  Short and sweet.  In the matter of 20 minutes, it was all done!  The music and timing of everything was great as well (as expected from anything Josh is a part of).  In particular, the song that was played for the bridesmaids to walk in was really nice and mellow.  At the climax of the song is when the doors flung open for Sophie to come down the aisle.  That might be a small detail, but for some reason, I was really impressed with the timing!


Once the ceremony was over, everyone headed to downtown for the reception at the Crystal Ballroom.  Here’s a shot before all the guest came in.


The reception was on the second floor.  The lobby of the Rice Lofts was used for appetizers.  Real classy!


We explored a bit.  The kids found a nice chair and got comfy.


The little details throughout the room made the event that much more elegant.


After a short wait, we all took our seats.



The reception was fun.  The bridal party made their entrance, the MC’s (Jessie Mani and Tim Thomas) cracked a few jokes and later on the couple did a quick wardrobe change.


Ezzy would get restless from time to time, so Sheena and I did a lot of chasing throughout the night.  I took him out to the balcony to take in the downtown view.


Before we left, we had to snap a pic with the happy couple!


We would have loved to stay longer, but the kids were definitely getting tired, so we had to play the “parent card” and head home.  Before we jumped in the car, we changed the kids into their PJ’s, cause we knew they’d pass out in the car ride home (which they did).  Then it was only a matter of throwing them into bed (semi-gently) when we got home.

Sunday morning, Sheena had a speaking engagement at another church, so the kids and I went to church without her.  Surprisingly, I saw my good friends Jijesh and Judy.  Prateesh and Sue were dedicating their baby, so a bunch of friends came out to support.


It was a pleasant surprise to see ’em.  In addition to G and Judy, Sunil and Sonia were there as well.  Layla loved seeing and going to children’s church with Nathan and Nissa (G/Judy’s kids) and meeting Sacchin and Seth (Sunil/Sonia’s kids).

After church, we headed home and waited for Sheena to come home.  Sheena’s high school friend Nehal had a baby shower that we were all invited to.


It was hosted at their beautiful home.  Great food, nice people…  Overall a really nice time.


This was the first baby shower where WE got gifts!  The kids got really nice little toys and Sheena also got some party gifts as well!

Overall, a wet, but super fun weekend!  A big Congrats to Josh and Sophie on their big wedding day!  We’re super happy for y’all!

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