Stuck in an Elevator

On Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2015, I got stuck in an elevator in my building.


It’s an express elevator that goes from the Lobby to the 60th floor.  I got up about 40ft and it stopped.  I was by myself, so I filmed the experience.  Check it out!

The management team at the building felt bad, so they gave me a lil gift.



Your eyes do not deceive you.. that’s a Visa gift card for $100 AND a Starbucks Gift Card!  Hold up…. There’s more.


2 YETI insulated cups!  And they’re huge!  I mean, I was there for 3.5hrs… maybe I should have asked for a car…. naw, this was more than I expected!

A picture is worth 1,000 words.  That’s why I try to use as many pictures as I can in this blog.  A movie is like a bazillion pictures all stitched together.. so thats like… a lot more words.  With that, I’m trying to film more of my life…  A “vlog” if you will.  I really just want a reason to make more mini movies about my family and things that we do.  Sorta like a video version of this blog.

I’ve been hesitant in making my YouTube page public because I didn’t have that many movies for you to watch, but a few months ago, I made an effort to “bulk up” my content on YouTube.  If you watched my “Stuck in an Elevator” movie (above), you may have come across other movies that I’ve made as well… If you’re into that sorta thing, subscribe to my channel!

With the new year approaching, I plan on making more films and posting them to YouTube.

Why YouTube?  Well, I’ve posted directly to Facebook and it’s awesome.  People interact with you via comments and “likes”… it’s great.. but when I want to see a video I posted, it takes FOREVER to scroll through my history to find it.  With YouTube, I feel that it’s easier to find ’em.  It’s also easier to share my movies as well.

So… again, if you’re into this blog, you might be into my YouTube Channel.  Subscribe to be notified when I post!

Thanks!  I hope everyone has an awesome New Year!

3 Replies to “Stuck in an Elevator”

  1. It is amazing how many prizes and gifts you have gotten in life! Glad you got out buddy!!!


  2. hey sajan! i saw your blog link on FB and clicked on it. it’s awesome that you blog almost everyday.. you’re so diligent! i keep a blog too but i’m lazy to write. i was skimming your entries when i read this post and saw you were stuck in an elevator… for 3.5 hrs!! that’s incredible. you’re amazingly patient. but i remember that about you from highschool too, you always had a calm demeanor and kept your cool. =) ~ sophia


    1. Hey Sophia! Great to hear from you and thanks for the kind words! Yes, I try to blog regularly. It’s a great outlet for me to be semi-creative! I’m actually trying to get better about filming more and making more home/mini movies.. but we’ll see where that leads! Keep up with your blogging as well! It’s super encouraging to hear from people that actually read the blog! Thanks for that!

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