Weekend Review [January 9th, 2016]

This weekend Layla had a sleepover with her cousins Iris and Erin. It was a relatively quick one. They came on friday around 8pm and left around 8:30am on Saturday morning. Iris and Erin had events on both days. Busy gals!  Layla and Ezzy both had a blast!  They stayed up pretty late, which was fun for the gals.  The girls all slept together in the guest room.  I wish I snapped a pic of it.. super cute!  While they were having the sleepover, I stepped out to join the guys in celebrating Pokie’s birthday.



Fun times!  Bibby and some other peeps were there as well, but just too cool for the picture.

The next morning (Saturday), I had to run some errands, so Sheena brought Iris and Erin back home then kicked it at her Mom’s house.  After I took care of things, Sheena asked that I come there to help fix something at Mom’s house.  After I did the fix, it worked out for us to leave the kids there while Sheena and I did a little shopping.  Sheena wanted to show me some things at the World Market in the Heights.  For some reason that location had some pretty cool stuff!  Afterwards, we had a mini date and ate at Stanton’s City Bites.



The burgers were on point!



They had an old school vibe and the decor highlighted it.




When you drive away, this is what you’re looking at.. pretty friggin awesome!


After lunch, we scooped up the kids and went home.  We’ve been in the process of filling out the kids rooms, so we stayed busy with that.

Sunday, Ezzy was a lil sick, so Sheena stayed home with him while Layla and I went to church.  After church, we kicked it at home and did more work on the kid’s rooms.  Then the kids chilled on the window ledge… I dunno wassup with that.


Later that afternoon our friends Tim and Jess came over for a bit.  We had dessert, went for a walk, played at the park…


… and had good conversations throughout.  Good times!

Overall, a pretty productive weekend!

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