Weekend Review [January 16th, 2016]

This weekend was extended because of the MLK Holiday. Extended weekends are always welcomed.  On Sunday, we enjoyed the weather with our friends by going to the Bayou Bend Family Day

Houston Tribe

But that was Sunday… let me start at the beginning of the weekend.

Friday after work, I wanted to fix our guest bath faucet that’s been leaking for some time…  I did the standard YouTube search on how to fix it, bought the supplies I needed, got started on the fix, hit a road block, called my handyman and he came and fixed it for me.  Classic.

Saturday morning, I met with that same handyman at our rental house in Pearland.  The prior tenants moved out and I needed a few things done to get it move-in ready again.  When I got home, we were graced with Bagel Dots!… uhh.. I mean, our friends Purav and Aarti came over and they happened to have some Bagel Dots for us!


Those lil poppers are awesome!


If you like good food, order some of these for your next event, or just for the family!  Check ’em out here.  We gobbled ’em up in a matter of minutes! (Thanks Aarti & Purav!)

Later that day, Sheena wanted to bake one of her Christmas gifts.


With her 2 lil assistance, she did.


After a while, Ezzy was bored, so he tried to box himself up and ship himself outta there.


That evening we ordered some Torchy’s Tacos and invited some of the cousins over.  Little did they know, we secretly wanted to do a jam session.  Well, Jason sorta knew… anyway, after hours of deliberation, we decided to do the theme song to “Friends”.  Check it out.

The next day, Sunday, we did our usual (Church and HEB).  Here’s a shot of the kids in the cool kid cart.


After we had lunch at home, we were pretty tired, but we made plans with friends to go to a garden.  The weather was too nice to not be outside, so we headed out.  Once we got there, we had to cross an extremely narrow bridge… which is sorta hard with a double stroller.


But we made it.  Tik was happy to see us…  I think…


The grounds were amazing.  They belong to the Hogg family and I guess it’s been converted into a museum.


The theme for the weekend was “America at work”.  It highlighted the tools of early America.



They also had a puppet/magic show for the kids…  It was actually pretty fun!


Ezzy and I broke away and did a mini photo shoot in the garden.



Tik got hungry, so we had to stop the world and feed him…. Well, we all were pretty hungry, but it’s funner to blame it on Tik.


We went to Star Pizza.  I was still full from lunch, but it didn’t stop me from getting a slice!

Monday, since I had the day off, I spend a majority of it painting Layla’s room.  It was good to finally get it done!  While the paint was drying, I had lunch at Star Cinema while I watched Ride Along 2.  It was OK.  Funny, but not amazing.  I wanted to watch the new Star Wars flick, but it wasn’t playing till hours later and I had more stuff to do.  Afterwards, I got my car washed, did some final touch ups on the paint job, then picked up the kids and then the day was converted to our usual Monday evening.

Overall a really awesome weekend!

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