Weekend Review [Jan. 23, 2016]

This weekend was great.  On Friday, I had to get the gas turned on at a rental property.  With Gas you need someone 18 or older there while the tech is turning it on.  The original time bracket they gave me was 8am to 8pm… A 12 hour window?!  That’s crazy!  I called CenterPoint and trimmed it back from 8am to 12pm.  With that, I brought my work home on Thursday, so that I could still get stuff done on Friday morning while I waited for the tech.  I wanted to be in Pearland (where the rental property is) during the allocated time so that I don’t miss the tech.  With that, I went to Panera Bread, got some breakfast, posted up on their large work table, got comfortable, set up my laptop and documents I needed to review….. and realize that their internet is not working.

Panera Bread

So after I ate, I wrapped up and headed to Starbucks.  Luckily their internet works well!


At around 11:30am I got a little nervous about why CenterPoint hasn’t called (being that my window of time ends at noon), so I give them a call to check on things.  The service rep I spoke to essentially said that they have no way to communicate with the techs.  He went on to say that emergency situations happen that the techs have to cater to, which will push back their scheduled times.  This sucks!  I schedule a time and make arrangements to be at the house with the fear that if I’m not there, I’d have to reschedule the entire thing.  All that to realize that they have the freedom to miss their allocated window and I would have to deal with it.  While I was screaming at nicely speaking to the service rep, I get another call.  It was the automated call saying that the tech is on their way.  It’s 11:55am (5 minutes before the close of my allocated time).  Typical.  I head to the house and wait another 20 minutes before the tech shows up.

The house is a bit of a construction zone.


We had to get the house painted and new carpet laid down as well.  Once the tech came, he was nice and got it all done in about 15 minutes.  He was done by 12:30.  It worked out because I had a dentist appointment back in Sugarland at 1pm.

I rushed back to Sugarland and made it on time to the appointment.  2.5 hours later and a numbed mouth that’s been deep cleaned and cavity drilled & filled, I head back home.  My mouth stayed numb for about 1.5hrs more… which was not fun cause I was hungry.  They said not to eat until you get the feeling back so that you don’t risk biting your lips/cheeks.  Mind you, the only meal I ate was oatmeal and coffee around 8am.

Later that evening, our friend Jimmy John came over with some home-grown lemons.  They’re huge!  He also brought over some lemon pickle that his mom made while she was visiting.  Good stuff!  Earl, Asha, Maya and Priya also came over.  We all hung out, had dinner together and just chatted.  The kids jumped in our bed and watched TV together.


Saturday, we had a relaxed morning.  We wanted to get out of the house, so we headed to the library.



After that, we ran a few more errands and headed home for lunch and naps.  While the kids napped, I took 2 boxes full of glass jars to Target.  Did you know they have recycling bins there for glass?  The recycling company that services our neighborhood doesn’t accept glass, so Sheena collects what we use and this was the first actual drop off.


Our friends Jerry and Teena just had a lil baby, so we went to visit.  The kids enjoyed their backyard!

backyard fun

Afterwards, we scooped up some dinner and hung out at home for the rest of the evening.  Shane was with us as well, so the kids had fun playing with him.


Sunday, we went to church, shopped at HEB and had lunch at my parent’s house.  The day was soo nice, so the girls did some reading in the backyard.


Overall a pretty full weekend.  I like full weekends.

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