Big Country

My cousin Sherry picked up the nickname “Big Country”. She went to University of Texas in Austin. Before she went to college, she had a slight southern twang to her voice (like the rest of us). When she came back from college, it was full-on “big country”…. To the point where I started hearing banjos in the background when she talked!  She claims that she’s always talked like that, but I beg to differ.

Sherry’s one of the strongest people I know.  She’s been through a laundry list of struggles, but you’d never know it because she lives a very happy life.  It’s not the things that happen in your life that define you, but how you react to them.  When an unpleasant event happens in her life, she takes it as a “resume builder” for her testimony.  Rather than wallowing in self pity, she’s the forerunner in speaking positive vibes into a situation.

The newest addition to her “resume” is conquering cancer.  Yesterday (2/11/2016), Sherry had surgery in connection to a cancer diagnosis.  I was lucky enough to be there when she was being discharged.


Other than the pain from just being out of surgery, she’s the same Sherry.  Positive and ready to get back to living a great life!  Very inspiring!



OK, so my Facebook Famous cousin Kasey shared this pic (thanks a lot Kasey, [insert eye roll]).  I need to explain.  What I’m doing is Sherry’s infamous pose.  She does the “hand on hip-semi turn-smile” pose for EVERY pic!  I was simply trying to make fun of the fact that she was doing that same pose in a wheel chair.  As I write this, I realize that I sound pretty bad because I’m “making fun” of someone that just got outta surgery… but I’m a jerk… so it’s OK.


I was a little hesitant to write about this, but when I was leaving Sherry yesterday she asked “are you going to blog about this?”.  I was like “uhh… I didn’t plan to” and she said, “naw, I want this journey to be inspiring to others!  Share it!”

So here ya go!  This is not a “feel sorry for Sherry” post.  This is a “Wow, Look how great God is” post.  The cancer was found early giving her the chance to knock out out.  The surgery went well and things are looking good.  Sherry’s in good spirits and ready to get back to doing her “hand on hip-semi turn-smile” pose all round the world.  Continued prayers are welcomed and appreciated!

One Reply to “Big Country”

  1. I grew up with Sherry in international prayer as a child. I don’t know if she remembers me. I am thankful to see her strength through a hard struggle. God does great things. The fish tank at MD Anderson is quite place to think. We will keep her in our prayers!



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