Weekend Review [Feb 14th, 2016]

This past weekend is not only Valentine’s Day, but more importantly it’s Sheena’s birthday!  I planned to do a small surprise for Sheena with her cousins.  We’d have them come over Saturday night and have a mini jam session (Sheena likes the sing and play music).  It didnt work out cause Sheena was sick.  Bummer… but we made it up on Sunday.


Sunday, Sheena was feeling a lot better, so we went to church that morning.



Getting ready to roll to church


We even did our usual HEB run after church


Here’s a video of what it looks like to shop with us:

After all that, we headed to Sheena’s Mom’s house in Pearland for her Sheena’s birthday lunch.  Mom made a ton of good food.  Afterwards, we chomped on Crave Cupcakes that Shane brought.


Blesson, Jolly and Brucey were coming to lunch as well, but had a lil fender bender.

accident 1

accident 2

accident 3

“Victim 3” is actually the father of the Culprit (I misspelled it above.. sorry).  His daughter caused the accident by pulling into on-coming traffic, making “Victim 1” crash into her, which in turn pushed the Culprit into “Victim 2” and then hitting “Victim 4” (Blesson).  The father is one of the Victims because… that car was a highschool grad gift to his daughter and was only 7 months old!… AND since she caused the accident, their insurance has to cover it all… ouch.

Luckily no one was seriously hurt.  Blesson’s a lil sore, but that should go away in the next couple of days.  On top of that, of the 4 cars in the accident, Blesson’s car was the only one that didn’t have to get towed away.  The bumper does have a cut in it, but overall, the ride still runs!

Dad and I came to pick up Jolly and Brucey.  I stayed with Bless while Dad took Jolly/Brucey back to the house.

After all that was situated, we drove back to Mom’s house to resume the lunch and just hang out for a while.




The first cake you saw in this post was from Janie Joy.  After taking a few slices, we brought it next door to share with the Joy family.  While we were there, Ezra and Layla showed the boys how to hoop.



Sunday evening we just kicked it at the house.


Monday was President’s Day.  Mom and Dad wanted to visit Sherry, so we made the trip to Porter.  After we got there I grabbed Joshy and he smiled the whole time… I don’t wanna make anyone jealous, but it’s because I’m his favorite Uncle….


Sherry’s a solider…  She’s doing really well and in good spirits.


Here’s Mom and Dad with Joshy.


Afterwards we headed back to our side of town.  It was lunch time, so we went to DGN Factory.


lil idillys

masala dosa

Afterwards, Ezzy took a nap and Layla did some crafts.


Then we played in the backyard for a bit…


Then we walked over to the park just to enjoy the day.



Somewhere in the mix, we also went to the library.  It was a full weekend, but fun!

Sheena made a lil video about Monday.  Check it out:

Here’s a bonus.  This morning on my way to dropping off Ezzy in Pearland I saw this:



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