Weekend Review [Feb 20th, 2016]

Friday our friends Manju and Cyndi hosted dinner for a few friends.  As always the kids had a blast together.  Who taught these girls to pose like this?!





Saturday morning I did some mulching while Sheena had work.  The kids stayed with my folks.  I got started at around 7am and was all done by around 11ish.  Not too bad!

First I got a yard of mulch at Living Earth.  It’s WAAAAY cheaper to buy a yard rather than bags of this stuff.  I think a bag is like $10 and covers barely anything.  I spend $30 for a yard and it covered my entire front yard flowerbeds.



Then I brought it home and one wheel barrow at a time, covered the flowerbeds in the front yard.

before mulch

After Mulch

As a bonus, I laid out some “weed & feed” for the lawn.  This is sorta my “get ready for spring” routine.  I made a quick video of it.  Check it out!

After I cleaned up from yard work, I headed to my folks house to hang out with the kids.  Sheena joined us after work and immediately took the kids to Layla’s friend’s birthday party.  While she was there, I headed to Rita’s birthday party.


The place was pretty cool.  Very laid back.

8th wonder brewery

I was lucky enough to snap a selfie with “Hey Yo” Nick!  He actually reads this blog!


Here’s Urmi and Rayna fraternizing with the other patrons.


Here’s a shot of some of the crew.


The rest of the day was spent just hanging out at home with the family.

Sunday Sheena did some church visiting while the kids and I headed to our church.  After church we had lunch with the family.

Here are the kids looking cute while we waited for everyone to come.





After lunch we headed to my parent’s house for some chai.  Pops makes a serious cup of chai.

chai time

Sunday night we just kicked it at the house.  Ezzy found a new way to “sit” on the couch.


When my folks went to Israel, they brought back some Holy Communion Wine (in addition to other gifts).  I finally gave it a try… tastes like grape juice… I mean it was good, but I think Welch’s makes something comparable.


Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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