8 Year Wedding Anniversary!!!

8 years! Time has flown by!  On March 8th, 2008, Sheena and I got married.

wedding cake cutting

Looking back at our wedding day and the time that’s passed, it’s been pretty amazing!  God’s been soo good!  So many things have happened over the course of 8 years and it’s all been amazing!

Going to Dudley’s wedding just a couple of weekends ago made me nostalgic of our wedding day and it helped me realize that the love between two people only grows stronger over time.  A wedding day is very special and you’re surrounded by love.  Family and friends that love you and want to see you succeed.  It’s just an awesome thing, but it makes it very easy to love.  Over time, you quickly realize that love isn’t all about a feeling.  It’s a daily choice you make.  I’m glad that Sheena chooses to love me… daily!

Sheena and I don’t get to have date nights that often, but since it’s our anniversary, we ditched the kids (Shane was nice enough to babysit) and we went to North Italia for dinner.  Our friends Aarti and Purav gifted us a gift card, so it made the decision easy on where to go (Thanks Purav and Aarti!)

Here’s a shot of my hot date!


The food was awesome and we weren’t shy about ordering either!




I had the New York Strip with crisp potatoes.


Sheena had the Sea Bass.


We capped it off with a cappuccino…


…and a chocolate tart!


It was all really delicious.  Made from scratch.  Apparently the only thing they don’t make in-house is ketchup and Tabasco!   Here’s a video of Sheena doing a better job at describing the evening:

From honeymoon to now, our anniversaries have moved from going on fun trips, to sneaking out of the house to have a quick dinner together (using a gift card!).  Although going on nice vacations together is very fun, the “sneak-away” dinners are more special.  It’s easy to enjoy a posh hotel with beach front views, just like it’s easy to love during the wedding day.  The “sneak-away” dinners reflect the desire to be with each other, just like choosing to love daily.  It doesn’t matter if its a beach resort in Jamaica or a quick dinner in the Galleria… as long as it’s with her.

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