Weekend Review [March 12th, 2016]

On Friday Layla wanted to spend the night at my parent’s house.  She also made the executive decision that Ezzy was going to spend the night as well.  With that, Sheena and I had a last minute “free” weekend!  We spent that Friday night at a wake service for our friend Lisa’s grandmother.  Afterwards we met up with Shane for dinner at Soto’s Kitchen.  This place had the SLOWEST service!  The food was OK, but not worth all the wait.  They were very apologetic about it, but still!  After dinner, we met up with Lisa and some friend’s at Jupiter Pizza & Waffles.  They had dinner there, so we linked up with them just to kick it.


Saturday morning, I got up and started pressure washing the driveway.


clean v filthy

While I was doing work, the hose pressed up against the hot engine.  It was so hot, it melted a hole into the hose!

holey hose

I needed to get the job done, so I did a quick trip to Lowes to buy a replacement hose.


I was blown away on how much it cost!


If you have a pressure washer, be mindful of your pressure washer hose!  You don’t wanna drop that kinda coin for a replacement!  While I was finishing up, Sheena picked up the kids and grabbed some lunch from DGN Factory.  A picnic with dosas and iddly for all!




Here’s a sample of what things looked like when I was done

clean walkway

It might be hard to tell, but it’s SIGNIFICANTLY cleaner.  So clean that the kids decided to draw on it…





Layla drew a picture of Kasey and wrote her name above the picture (KCNT = Kasey Aunty).  It was super cute to see her sound it out!


Saturday evening we went to our friend’s Ashok and Limi’s house.  They were sweet enough to have us over for dinner.  The cooked it up!  Great food and great conversation!

Sunday after church, Ezzy ran around the open field for a bit.




For lunch we went to my parent’s house.


Sheena bought some confetti eggs for the kids, so of course they smashed ’em up!


Overall it was a really nice weekend to spend time with family and friends.

On Saturday morning we received the unfortunately news that our friend Vinson Varghese has passed away.  I knew Vinny since high school, but really got to know him better in college.  He was a great dude.  It’s very sad to hear of his passing because it seemed that he had a lot of great things going for him.  Moreover, he’s my age, so relative young with a lot more living to do.  Even though we weren’t very close friends he never made it feel that way.  Always very welcoming.  I remember talking to him for a while at a friend’s housewarming party.  At the time he had recently went through some serious medical issues and came out of it and was doing well.  I was amazed by it and happy that he was doing better.  From that point, looking at his Facebook posts and occasionally seeing him around, it felt that things were going well.  Then to hear that he passed away overnight was just heartbreaking.  He will be missed.  I met him in connection to a crew called “No Limit” back in high school.  Those guys are a band of brothers like me and G-Tribe are.  I know that they’re hurting at this time.  Sending my thoughts and prayers to his family and close friends.

With this loss, its a reminder to show love to those you love.  The older I get the more I realize how important family/friends/community really are.  My Facebook feed is covered with friends reminiscing about fond memories of Vinny.  He’s the type of guy that deserved the love because he gave it as well.

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