Weekend Review [March 19th, 2016]

This weekend we had our cousins come in from Dallas.


They came in on Friday, but Wes called me and asked to keep Sherry company for a little while at the hospital.  She caught a virus and had to go in to get checked out. Luckily, all is well now.  I didn’t wanna risk getting sick, so I threw on a mask (plus it made me feel kinda cool).


While I was there, a nurse asked Sherry to drink this massive cup of something…  Looked sorta like urine.


After Sherry was settled in a resting, I headed out.  The cousins went straight to Blesson’s house, so I headed there as well.  The kids had a great time with them and we all just kicked it for a bit over there.  Then we decided to to to Sugar Land Town Square for dinner.  Once we parked in the garage, it started to pour down rain.  Our dinner plans changed into Chick-fila at my house.

The next morning, Sheena made an amazing breakfast and then took Layla to our friend’s daughter’s birthday party.

Here’s Ezzy entertaining the cousins over breakfast.

ezzy entertainment

If you know Sheena’s, she’s really not into the whole “princess” thing for Layla… but Layla LOVES it!  It’s hilarious to see the struggle!  haha… Anya’s birthday was princess themed!  Sheena was sending me the play-by-play via text.

Princess Layla 1

Princess Layla 2

Princess Layla 3

Here’s a close up of the hair:


Princess Layla 4

Haha.. super cute, but I’m sure Sheena was going crazy!  Layla had an awesome time though!  After the birthday party was done, we joined Sheena and Layla and had lunch at a new spot called The Middle Spoon.


It’s a really nice spot!  They’ve been open for 6 weeks.  You walk in thinking it’s only desserts, but they have a pretty good menu of food as well!






Afterwards, we wondered around the Town Square for bit, then headed back home.  Jancy read books to the kids.



During this time, Sheena took the kids to another birthday party.  Our friends down the street was having a bday party for their youngest son.  After some rest, we loaded up in the car and headed to downtown.  We went to my building to enjoy the skydeck and check out the city.


The light was AWESOME!



Then we headed down and made our way to Market Square Bar and Grill for burgers.





Pretty late night for the kiddos, but we all had a pretty fun time.  Later that night Blesson, Jolly and Bruce came over to the house and we played board games all night.  Fun time!

Sunday morning we went to church with Wes and Kasey to see Hope get baptized!



It was awesome to witness and be apart of that.  Afterwards we headed to La Madeleine to have lunch.  It was jam packed, so we snuck out and ate at Cafe Express, but then met up with the crew afterwards.



After lunch we stopped by Wes and Kasey’s new house.  It’s still under construction, but it’s super nice!  Excited that they’ll be a lil closer to us now!

Jancy, Josh and Jisha head back to Dallas around 4:30pm and then Sheena, the kids and I went to Pearland to visit with Sheena’s Mom.

Overall, a pretty jam packed weekend, but it was very fun!

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