Layla’s Bedroom Makeover

We’ve been in our house for almost 2 years now. It’s been slow going for decor and getting really “settled” in.  We took a stab at the laundry room to get a quick win, which I feel pretty good about.  Sheena got the itch recently to dress up Layla’s room.  Here’s what the room looked like.


Pretty wack, right?  We really just threw a bed in there because for a while we were all sleeping in the Master Bedroom.  But now that Layla is actually sleeping in her own room, we think it’s a good time to actually make it look nice.  Lets address what’s wrong:

  1. Poor lighting
  2. Basic bed (no frame)
  3. lack of nightstand
  4. builder beige walls
  5. no dresser
  6. no character

With all that, we wanted to start with something to kick the project off right.  We thought getting a bed frame, night stand and dresser would be a quick win and give the room a significant change.  We made a trip to Ikea and and picked out what we think would work best.  We went as an entire family and couldn’t bring back everything due to the lack of space, so I did a second solo trip with my truck to get it all back home.  If you’re familiar with Ikea, everything is boxed up and it’s self service.  I loaded up a cart and jumped in line.


I went on a Sunday and there were a ton of people there as well.


I loaded up everything in the back of the truck and made my way home.


Ezra’s room at the time was “empty”.  There’s workout gear there, but that’ll soon be removed.  I made that my build station.  The kids ran in and started jumping on the boxes to “help”.


It ended up being pretty easy to assemble the bed.


So far, Layla approves.


Sheena put together the night stand


And we put the dresser together as well.


It’s a lot of white furniture, but we’re hoping that some color on the wall will make it look a lot nicer.  You may have noticed the paint samples taped on the wall from a previous pic.

paint ideas

Layla likes pink, so we decided to go with a muted pink using a darker shade of pink for an accent wall.  IMG_7193




Instead of taping off Layla’s entire room, I decided to go with my friend Tim’s advise and just free hand it.  It actually came our pretty good!  A lot easier than taping everything!

After all the painting was done, we hung up what we could find just to dress the place up a bit.  The 3 paintings above the bed are actually Layla Originals!



We found these lamps at Ikea and thought there where cool.  I’d like to try and hid those cables though…

IMG_8477 IMG_8478

Overall, I think it turned out pretty good!  Took a while, but Layla likes it!

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