Meeting Adeline

Yesterday we were lucky enough to visit this cute baby!


Our friends Phoeby and Ruben had their first baby!  Super cute!


It was awesome to catch up with Pastor AC and Susan Aunty as well!  Phoeby (and her family) are very special to us.  When we had Layla, Phoeby, Sharon, Jacob and Ashley were so eager to help out.  They visited and baby sat numerous times.  And it wasn’t like we begged them to do it… They were actually volunteering themselves to watch Layla.  On top of that, they wouldn’t even accept money for it!  Crazy right?!  The way they treated Layla at church and when they watched her at our home was so special and it’s something I’ll never forget.  I expect that sort of love from blood relatives, so to see that from someone outside of the family was amazing and humbling!  Here are some old pics of when Layla was little with her favorite babysitters!  Sorry Ashley, I didn’t have a pic of you with Layla!




Here’s Ruben with Layla as well!


Based on how Phoeby loved on Layla is evidence that she’s going to be a great mom!  Congrats Ruben and Phoeby!  We’re so happy for y’all and wish all the best!

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