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A friend of mine started a travel blog.  His first post was about his recent travels to Machu Picchu.  Check it out!

It’s so detailed!  Sheena and I went to Machu Picchu years ago (before we had kids).  It was an amazing trip, and I blogged about it as well, but my friend’s blog is so detailed that it puts mine to shame!  His post helped me remember all the little details from that trip that made it so special!

The kicker:  he’s already done soo much travel!  Six continents and twenty-two countries!  He’s got a back-log of pictures and detailed stories from all of his travels.  It will be fun to read up on those adventures as his blog grows.  As another bonus, he’s a pretty solid photographer too.  Check out the “Just Photos” tab on his blog to get a taste.  Here’s a teaser:



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