Garage Clean-Up

My Garage is a mess. Over the roughly 2 years we’ve been in this house, I’ve never really taken the time to organize things. When items don’t have a dedicated storage location, they find a home anywhere.  For example, I have random totes, old strollers and other miscellaneous junk that sits in the way of getting into our cars.

messy garage 2

The workbench has become a “catch all” for anything that I buy related to the garage.

messy garage 3

The back wall of the garage is another dumping ground for lawn gear, a poorly located tool box and a metal file cabinet that was left behind from the previous owner.

messy garage

In an effort to at least get things rolling, I just started clearing the trash and moving things around.  After filtering out the trash, things started to look a lot better.  I have a few clamps for woodworking projects, so I decided to install a few pieces of wood between the studs of the garage and keep all my clamps together there.


The bike rack was in the way in it’s previous location, so I made a “bike rack mount” on the back wall, close to the bikes, so that it’s out of the way.


The bench top and peg board just needed some attention.  It didn’t take too long to get that organized again.



I moved the tool box to the side of the workbench (which just made more sense) and I also re-arranged some of the hooks to maximize the space there.


It’s a work in progress, but it’s coming along.

The main push to clean up the garage was because I haven’t built anything in a long time.  I actually have a project that I’ve been working on for a very long time, but have had road blocks on getting it done because I don’t have a proper shop to build in.  Hopefully now I can make more progress on that project and others as well!

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