Memorial Day Weekend Review

This weekend was jam packed!  Since there was soo much going on, I’ll cut it up to different blog posts.  Consider this post a “recap”.  On Friday my folks hosted a dinner to celebrate my brother’s birthday.


Mom & Dad whipped up some homemade Kerala grub!  It was awesome!


Ezzy likes to eat messy.


Brucey did a better job of keeping it all in the plate.




The next morning, we headed out to the new Children’s Museum Grand Opening in Fort Bend.  It was a massive event!  My folks, Sheena’s mom & brother and my brother and fam joined us as well.


It’s basically right behind the old Sugar Factory silos.


The wait was crazy long, but it was still pretty fun to be a part of it.



H-E-Buddy was there to, so the kids wanted to snap a pic.


Once we got closer to the inside, the kids were able to play a bit more.


Inside was pretty awesome.  So much to do!  It’ll be fun to check out on a slower day to actually enjoy it all.




There was an entire Market Area where the kids could go to Wells Fargo bank, or shop at HEB and other various shops to stop in.





I made a quick video of our visit to the Museum.  Check it out!

Adjacent to the Museum was the farmer’s market, so we took a stroll through there.  All that waiting and walking builds up an appetite, so we got some food from a food truck that was at the market.



The kids were exhausted, so we ended up taking it home.  The kids took a nap but once they woke up, we headed to Hippo Ice to get a treat to cool down from the heat.



It was our first time there… pretty good!  It’s not Mam’s Snoballs, but still pretty decent.

After we got home I hopped into the garage and did some well over due clean up. (blog to follow) and Sheena took the kids shopping.

Sunday, for Blesson’s Birthday, a few of us took a road trip to Lake Charles (blog to follow).

On Monday, Jolly and Blesson had a birthday party at their house.  It was great to see everyone and just hang out.  They went all out… there’s too much to share so that’ll be a follow up blog as well!  Sorry for the vague-ness of this blog, but I didn’t wanna short-change any particular event!

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!

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