Weekend Review [June 4th, 2016]

You’re probably familiar with all of the flooding Houston has been experiencing the past few days. Its crazy!  Because of all of the flooding, Sheena’s has been super busy with work.  Sheena busy with work all weekend + a lot of rain = Daddy/Kid Weekend Indoors!  Saturday, we did some crafts at home, but the highlight was hanging out at Earl and Asha’s house


Like I said, we did some drawing at home first



When the rain let up after we got back from the Thomas house, we drew some more, but this time on the driveway.


I made a quick video of some of it.

On Sunday, Sheena had to work again, so I took the kids to church.  Afterwards, we hung out at home, till Sheena came back and then we headed to Mini Aunty’s house for lunch.

Although uneventful, it was still a fun weekend!

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