Jebin & Michelle’s Wedding Weekend

This weekend I was lucky enough to MC Jebin and Michelle’s wedding reception with Anup John.  Its always fun to be a part of a wedding at that capacity!  Here’s a pic of the couple.

Beautiful, right?!

So the weekend started with going to the rehearsal on Friday.  It was pouring rain, but a bunch of peeps still came out.  The rain eventually let out and it turned out to be a nice day.


Afterwards, I headed back to our side of town and met Sheena and the kids at Tim and Jessica’s house just to kick it.

Saturday morning, Sheena had work, so I took the kids to Olivia’s birthday party.



It was great to see everyone again.  These kid birthday parties are like mini reunions for old friends!  Good stuff!  We couldn’t stay at the party for too long because we had to get ready for the wedding.  We got to the venue around 4:30pm.  The place is magnificent!  It’s an old mansion in the Spring area (Champions Forrest) that’s been converted to be a wedding venue.  Its called Chateau Cocomar, if you’re interested in looking it up.  The ceremony and reception were at the same location.  It was great!


Before the wedding I got a sneak peak of the groom!


I also got a chance to steal a pic with new dad, Libin Abraham!  He was the officiant for the wedding and did a great job!


The venue was gorgeous and the day turned out to be pretty awesome, so we snapped a few pics.


Layla loves squeezing Ezzy’s cheeks!


They requested that no photographs be taken at the ceremony, but the reception, I was snapping away!  Here’s the bridal party walking in.


And the couple listening to a speech.


The kids were getting restless, so Sheena and the kids headed out a bit early.


Mom and Dad headed out at the same time as well.


Here’s a few more snaps with some cool peeps.  Like Selby…


… My awesome co-MC Anup and his cool kid Jeremiah


and a new friend Sarah with my old friend Daniel!  I haven’t seen Daniel in ages, so it was awesome to chat with him a bit!


Of course my good buddy Pokie!  After Sheena took off with the kids, Pokie was my date/ride back home.


The grand exit consisted of everyone having sparklers


And an amazing fireworks display!


Overall, a pretty amazing wedding!

The next day we did our usual church-HEB run.  Afterwards, we headed to my parent’s house for lunch.  The kids and Mom made some rolls to snack on.


Later that day, Earl brought his girls over to play.  Here’s a pic of Priya and Ezzy playing together.


Overall, it was a full but very fun weekend!

A big congrats to Jebin and Michelle!  Thanks for letting me be a part of your big day!  It was great!

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