Weekend Review [June 25th, 2016]

This weekend was fun!  My folks go to IPC Church and the Church was hosting a VBS for the kiddos.  I brought both kids on Thursday.  The production was pretty amazing!  They did an awesome job setting the whole thing up!


There was play time outside…


…and then there was dinner…


…followed up with a lesson.


These guys got to hang out together.


Then they wrapped it up with everyone together again with a song and closed it out for the night.


On Friday, we opted to skip VBS and hung out with Oliver and his parents, Tim and Jessica.


oliver and kids


Saturday morning I did a quick run (to the doughnut shop).  Here’s a video to paint a better picture.

Afterwards we made our way back to IPC for VBS.  We didn’t stay the entire time because frankly, we were pretty exhausted.  But it was fun none the less!


They rented this huge inflatable thing where you slingshot water balloons at each other.  Here’s Nevin and James testing it out before the kiddos jumped in.



Pretty amazing!  Sheena’s cousin Ashley was heavily involved in the decor and setup.  (Good job, Ashley!)


Later on that day, we suited up the kids and headed to our neighborhood pool.


They loved it, but we didn’t stay for too long.  They’re still getting used to the pool.  After we got home and the kids got bathes, Tik, Silky and baby Rayna came over for a quick visit.


It was a long day, so the kids (and adults) passed out pretty early.

Sunday, we went to church and then headed to HEB.


Then we kicked it at home for a bit.  Our lawn has been growing like crazy, so I had to fight the heat and mow the lawn.  It was a killer, but it felt great to get a good sweat and actually get the lawn cleaned up.  After that, we headed back to the pool for another swim.  This time we stayed a bit longer and the kids had a great time.

A very full, but fun weekend!

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