GTribe Retreat – Austin 2016

This 4th of July Weekend, we headed to our friends, Samir and Mindy’s home in Austin to hang with G-Tribe!


We try to make it a point to have a big family reunion every year.

A few of the families came in on Friday afternoon/night.  It was pretty casual.  Tik/Silky and Neil/Rita got there before us.  Once we got there, we rang the door bell and nobody answered.  I made my way to the backyard to find everyone swimming… so of course we changed immediately into our swim gear and dove into the pool!  After some swimming, we got the kids ready for bed while the adults just hung out for the rest of the night.


Aaron and Nancy were the last to come in on Friday.  Here’s a pic of the Friday night crew!


Saturday morning, Samir and Mindy fixed breakfast.  The kids helped too.


G/Judy and Sheil/Maya came in Saturday morning.  We try to have a G-Tribe shirt for each retreat.  Of course we’ve missed a few years, but here are all the shirts we have so far.


Aaron takes the lead in designing and getting the shirts made for us.  He’s been doing an awesome job with it!

Saturday, we basically chilled around the house all day and swam.  It was awesome.  The house is amazing, so we snapped a few pics.







Here’s Maya with baby Jaylen at the kiddie pool.


Sunday morning Sheil/Maya and Neil/Rita had to head out.  Aaron/Nancy had to roll out on Sunday as well, but they left after lunch.


We recovered from our sadness of them leaving by swimming some more!


…and enjoying the views from the deck.





Tik/Silky headed back home Sunday night after dinner.  G, Judy, Sheena and I stayed till Monday morning so that we can be rested for the drive back… and to make the most of the weekend.

Overall, it was an awesome weekend!  It’s always great to see these guys!  I made a quick video of the weekend too!  Check it out:


I hope everyone had a great 4th of July Weekend!

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  1. whoa!! what a flashback from the past. when i saw the words ‘GTribe’ i instantly remembered y’all shouting this aloud, throwing up your hands in the classroom. that’s awesome yall have reunions! it looks like fun and my how your tribe has indeed multiplied!


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