Weekend Review [Aug. 20th, 2016]

This weekend we had a few items on the agenda.

Friday, we went to Biju and Anitha’s house for a monthly prayer meeting that’s been started.  This is the second one and I think it’s pretty great!  It’s a good time of fellowship and just being able to share life with people is nice.


Saturday morning, Sheena had to work for a bit, but when she got home we headed to Layla’s friend’s birthday party.  It was a tea party/swim party.  Aubrey and Layla have been friends since they were both 1 year old.


Ezzy had fun upstairs with all of the toys.









Ezzy was getting better from being a little sick, so we didn’t want him to go swimming.  While Sheena and Layla were at their pool, Ezzy and I took a walk around the neighborhood.


Later that evening, Ezzy was playing with his Thomas the Train on Layla’s head.  In a split second the train got stuck in her hair!  Layla was bummed, but she was a good sport.


It was tangled pretty good so we had to cut off some hair to get it out.  Here’s the ending result.


On Sunday, we went to church and then HEB (as usual).  Later that evening Oliver and his parents (Tim and Jess) came over for dinner.


Fun was had by all!  Ezzy is usually the baby, so I think he was just trying to figure things out, but he was good with Oliver!


We caught a lot of rain throughout the weekend, but it didn’t stop us from enjoying it!  Luckily there were enough pockets of no rain that allowed us to be out and about.  Have a great week!

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