Weekend Review [Oct. 8th, 2016]

This weekend was busy… in a good way.

Saturday morning, I helped Sheena clean up the house and do a little prep work for a baby shower she hosted for our sis Jolly.  The kids and I had to vacate the house, so we met up with Wes, Priya, Hope and Joshy at the Children’s Museum in the Museum District.


The kids had an awesome time!  Here’s a quick movie about the experience:

Fun times!  When we got back, we just kicked it at the house.  That evening, Tim, Jess and Oliver came over.  We had dinner and just kicked it.  Its been a while since we hung out with the Thomas’ so it was great to spend that time together.

On Sunday, we did our typical routine of going to church and then heading to HEB.  My tires needed air, so I aired up the tires for all the cars.  Here’s how I did it:

Later that day we headed to my parent’s house for dinner.  Since my birthday is coming up, they had a cake for me.


It was sweet… (get it.. the act of it was sweet, but so was the cake…)

Overall, another great weekend!

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