Weekend Review [Oct 15th, 2016]

Here’s what we did over the week/weekend:

On Thursday, Sheena wanted ice cream, so we went to Marble Slab.  The kids and Sheena claimed that it was to also celebrate my birthday, but I think they just wanted ice cream (I did too).


Friday, Sheena did a Girl’s Night Out with a few friends, so the kids and I kicked it at the house.  Saturday, I did a 6am run with Bibby and some friends.  We’re trying to get ready for a 10K this December.  It’s tough!  That 10K might turn into a 5K for me!  After running, the kids and I went to Hope’s birthday party.  Here’s the cake that Hope made herself!



Here’s a shot of all the kiddos.


Later in the afternoon, we headed to Nehal’s house to visit their baby!  Super cute lil girl Arya!


I made a quick video of what we did on Saturday.  Check it out!  It features another awesome remix by Pokie too!

Saturday evening, Earl and Asha came over and brought pizza for dinner.  We had some leftover birthday cake, so we cut a sloppy slice, put a candle on it and sang happy birthday to Earl.  Keep in mind that Asha and I had our birthdays around the same time and well…

On Sunday, we did our usual.  Went to Church, HEB and then we kicked it at the house.  Sheena ran a few errands, so the kids made a little bed out of random pillows and took a nap.


They’re cute.

Overall another busy weekend!

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