Weekend Review [Oct. 22nd, 2016]

This week we’ve had pretty great weather, so we’re doing out best to soak it all up.  For example,  a picnic in the backyard featuring some sparkling organic coconut water because we fancy.



Friday we went to a bible study at our friend’s Anil and Lovely’s house.  It was fun to see everyone and catch up.


The boys had fun too!


Saturday our extremely good friends Pokie and Julie hosted a costume party at their house.  364 days out of the year, Pokie is a Pentecostal, but I guess he gives himself a pass once a year and allows for the devil’s holiday to be celebrated in his home… (juuuussssttt kidddddiinnnggggg!).

The kids looks super cute, right?!


Everyone brought a dish to share.  The spread was delicious!


Sheena and Julie did face painting for the kids



Here’s a shot of Spiderman and Batgirl.


Later that evening, we met with some friends for dinner at Cane Rosso, in the Heights.  Our friends Aaron and Nancy came into town from Dallas, so we wanted to kick it with them along with Neil, Rita and Dolan.  I’ve never been to Can Rosso, but that place was awesome!  Everything we ate tasted amazing!



They had a chalk board, so Sheena took the kids to draw on it.


Layla and Ezzy tagged the wall with G-Tribe (I don’t know how they reached all the way up there).


Here’s Neil thinking about how good the food is.


Check out this dessert pizza!


Here’s the whole crew.


I tried to snap a pic of the restaurant, but Neil and the Valet decided to photobomb the pic!


Sunday, we went to church and HEB.  Afterwards, Sheena’s highschool friend, Sharon came over to visit with her lil puppy too! We all played in the backyard for a bit as well.



Remember I talked about the good food from Saturday’s party at Pokie’s house?  Well Pokie made a special delivery on Sunday night with some of the leftovers!


I’ve got a feeling that he only did it, so that he can be on the blog… on that note, I’d like to say that if YOU’D like to be on the blog, I do accept gifts, food and/or money!

The weather is great, so make an excuse to be outside!

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