Weekend Review Art Edition [November 5th, 2016]

This weekend we were super fancy.  On Friday we went to Jupiter with Shane for dinner.  The food there never fails.  You can tell by the guy sitting behind us that everyone approves.


Election Day is tomorrow in America, which has caused a lot of divide in our country.  Some hate Donald.  Some hate Hilary.  But everyone loves Jupiter Pizza & Waffle Co. (#pizzaforpresident)

Before we headed off to dinner, we stopped by Vino & Vinyl for our friend Sarah Beth’s art gallery.


I felt kinda weird taking pics in there, but trust me, the art was beautiful.  Since we had the kiddos with us, we didn’t stay long at all.  Plus we were all pretty hungry, so we quickly made our way to Sugar Land Town Square.


Saturday, I was able to make a little progress on the tree-house, but around lunch time, Layla had a play date with her old friend Aubrey.  They’ve known each other since they were both 1 year old.  Now they’re in different schools so they don’t get to see each other all the time.  With that, we randomly set up play dates so that they can stay connected.  Aubrey’s parent’s are cool too, so it was nice to hang with them while the kids played.  Layla and Aubrey made a cake for all of us too!



Ezzy and Aaron (Aubrey’s lil bro) had a good time together as well.


After the play date was over, we dropped off the kids with my folks and we headed into the city.  Our friend Lindsay had an art gallery that we missed due to timing, but we were still able to catch up with them for dinner.




Lisa met us up there as well.  We broke away from the group and headed to Chuy’s for dinner instead.


Sheena and Lisa had a romantic time.


Afterwards, we hit up House of Pies for dessert.


French Silk never fails.


On Sunday morning we scooped up the kids, headed to church and then HEB to get all of our groceries.  For lunch, Mom and Dad had all of us over for some BBQ.  The kids had fun hanging out as well!


A great weekend!  I love it when we get time with friends and family, and that’s what this weekend was.  Have a great week!

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