Weekend Review [Nov. 12th, 2016]

On Friday, Sheena had an event in downtown.  When she got done, we met up for a quick lunch date.  We went to The Conservatory, which is sorta like an underground food truck spot.  Pretty good stuff!


Check out my lady!  #SheFine #ImLucky #ImACatchToo #SheLucky #IAmActuallyPrettyAmazing #HowDidThisBecomeAboutMe? #ImSoSelf-centered #IFeelBadSheHasToDealWithMe #ImLucky

Are hashtags still a thing?  Do people use ’em the way we used to?

Saturday morning was planned to be very chill.  One of the rental properties needed a replacement toilet and kitchen sink.  I scheduled a plumber to come out Saturday morning to get the work done.  Knowing that Sheena had work this particular Saturday, I purchased and dropped off the new toilet and sink during the week.  With that, I figured, I’d kick it around the house with the kiddos and simply load ’em up to head to the rental house and pay the plumber once he was done.

Easy, right?  WRONG!

Around 9:15am, I get a call saying that there was a hairline fracture on the toilet bowl where water would leak out of.  This was discover after he installed the toilet (which means he had to uninstall said toilet, which equates to more labor, which essentially means more money).  With that, I had to load up the kids, rush to the rental property, pick up the toilet, bring it back to Home Depot and swap it for a new one (luckily there was no issues with the return process) and then bring the toilet back to the rental property so that the plumber can finish the job on time.  If you have kids, you understand how burdensome the above described process was.  Luckily, I have awesome kids and they didn’t cause too much pain in the process and they were actually troopers, since Home Depot isn’t the funnest place for a kid to go.

Since they were so great and it was close to lunch time, we bought some Whataburger and headed to Oyster Creek park for a picnic.



On our way out, we had to take a peak at the turtles in the creek.



Since we decided on the picnic, I figured I could buy some time while the plumber finished up so that I could swing back there on the way home, check on the work and then pay him.  Unfortunately, the kids were getting tired, and the plumber wasn’t done, so we headed back home.  Ezzy fell asleep and Layla was exhausted too.  Once we got home, guess what happened… I get the call that he’s done.  I try to convince Layla to hit the road again.  She didn’t say no, but her face looked soo tired.  Plus Ezzy was already passed out too.  Luckily, Shane texted and requested to play with the kids, so once he came, I took off to the house and took care of business.

The rest of Saturday was actually pretty relaxed.

Sunday we went to church and shopped at HEB.  After lunch Sheena had to go to another work event, so it was me and the kiddos again.  After their nap, we made pigs in a blanket (pictured below).


Then it was the usual Sunday wind-down process.  Played a bit, watched TV… all that fun stuff.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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