New Years weekend

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR!


This kids had already fell asleep for the above pic.  Having time off of work and spending it with family and friends is always great!  On Thursday, Sheena and I met up with Lisa and Jessica for dinner at Chuy’s.  We actually crashed their date.  Jess had to leave (because she’s a good mom), but the rest of us kicked it and grubbed down!


It was awesome food!  Afterwards, we still wanted to hang for a bit so we went to Mystic Ice Cream.  The place is huge!


Check out my lady and her new glasses!  Rawr!


Lisa was very excited about her ice cream.


Friday evening some of the guys got together for Gumby’s birthday.  Unbeknownst to me, a big UFC Fight was going on  as well.  We kicked it for a bit and watched the 53 second fight.


While I was at dinner, I got this notification on Facebook.


Some friends from high-school did a semi-reunion!  I knew about it and had plans to go, but because of the bday celebration and the fight, time just got away from me.  I was totally bummed to miss it though!  It would have been great to see everyone!  Apparently a ton of peeps came out!  Next time…

Saturday morning, Layla and I headed out to Neil and Rita’s house for a New Years Eve BBQ.  Here’s a pic of Rayna with her Dad, Tik.


Neil busted out the smoker on this one.


As you can see, we were all happy about that.  (btw, that’s Sheil in the pic, not Neil).


Not only did he smoke some ribs and chicken in the smoker, but he also grilled some chicken wings too!



It was awesome!  Here are some more pics of the peeps there.



Mike, Joann and Austin made an appearance all the way from San Francisco too!



(photo credit:  Aaron Joseph)


Good times.

Later that evening we had a few friends come over to the house just to hang together for New Years.


Tim and Jess brought some grub.  Meatball sandwiches to be more specific!  They were awesome!


Sheena set up a Dreaming Station where we took crayons and wrote/drew our thoughts of 2016 and our plans for 2017.  It was nice to reflect and to share with each other.


Later in the evening the girls put on a puppet show for us.


Ezzy played for a bit, but as he got tired, he kicked with with Peppa Pig on the iPad.


More games and conversation.


It was great to just hang with a small crew and keep it low key for New Years Eve.

New Years day, we went to church and just chilled at the house.  Sheena’s mom bought us some plants, so we put the kids to work in planting them.


Then we threw them in a basket for nap time.


The rest of Sunday was pretty chill.  Just hung around the house.

Monday was a holiday, so Mom came over and we headed to Guru Burger to meet up with Mini Aunty, Ashley and Aaron for lunch.


Its very rare to not take a pic of food before we actually eat it.


After we got home from lunch and visiting an uncle at the hospital, Sheena has to meet a friend.  With that, the kids and I wanted to enjoy the great weather, so we went for a walk.


It was nice!  The rest of the day was again, very relaxed.  We just hung out and prepped for the coming week.

During the weekend, This popped up on Facebook from our friend Lisa.


I feel Lisa is semi-joking, but with that, I have a challenge/contest for you!

I’m trying to be better about filming/writing more.  When I look back on the year, I’ve realized that I missed a few good opportunities to film or snap pics to be shared on this blog and on the vlogs I post on YouTube as well.  I only share selectively, so not everything is out there for the world to see, but even still there were times when I got home from an event and thought “dang it, I didn’t take one pic!”.

The whole point of this blog/vlog is to document life.  It’s very easy for me to look at my day to day life and find it to be very boring, but I’ve learned that when I write and share, it tends to become more fun.  Now, I look for fun opportunities to partake in.  It also allows me to look back on life and realize all the fun times!  Its also awesome to interact with people online and offline as well.  I can’t count how many times conversations have started because of something I posted.  Overall, I really enjoy doing this!

If you haven’t visited my vlog, check out this vid below from Christmas 2016:

I post a few things on Facebook, but everything is posted on YouTube.  So if you like this sorta stuff, SUBSCRIBE!

So now to the contest:

I’ll keep a record of who’s been on the blog/vlog.  From that list I’ll do a random selection on December 15th, 2017.  The one selected will win an Amazon Echo Dot!

This is in an effort to keep me on my toes.  If you see me and want to be in the contest, let me know!  I’ll snap a pic with you and I’ll put you on the blog!  OR… lets collaborate and make a fun video together!  Again, I just really enjoy this stuff and it’s fun to build community around what you enjoy!

I hope everyone has a great New Year!  Lets make this one awesome!


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