Christmas Weekend 2016

This Christmas break was great.  It was spent with family and friends.  On Thursday night our friends Benita and Becky hosted a lil get-together.  The gathering was about getting people in the Malu Community more involved and interested in the political process.  It was a great time with really good discussions.  Here’s a pic of the crew that came out.



While we were there, Bobby, Suby and Becky were drinking a coke and the entire process looked like a commercial.  I asked them to re-enact it and they obliged.  This is EXACTLY how it all went down.

On Friday, we hung out at the house and just chilled.  It was nice family time.  Later that evening we headed to Mini Aunty and Sam Uncle’s house for a Christmas dinner with the family.  Sheena created an Indian/Christmas version of the board game Taboo.  It went very well!


Saturday was another relaxing morning.  We went to the mall just to walk around and see the chaos.  We didn’t need to purchase anything, but we did want to get out of the house and simply walk around.  It was fun.  That evening we went to church for the Christmas Eve service.  It was nice.  Short and sweet.  There was intentionally no childcare, so the kiddos stayed with us during service, which was nice.

Sunday (Christmas day), the kids came down to open up gifts.  Here’s a quick video of Christmas Eve/Day:

Our church didn’t have service, so we headed to IPC for church.  It was great to see all of our friends there.  I didn’t get a chance to snap any pics (cause I’m a loser and didn’t think about it) but it was fun.

Later that day, we headed to Wes’ house for our annual “Leftover” Party.  I say “Leftover” Party because it started off as everyone bringing their leftovers from the parties they had earlier.  But now it’s morphed into an actual Christmas dinner.  They always host Christmas dinner at their place and it’s always great to be there just to hang out.  The kids had a blast in their backyard.




We also had a jam session as well.  The kids played/sang Christmas songs.


Whenever the cousins get together, we try to have jam sessions.  A few years back we covered this song: [DISCLAIMER:  This is just for fun.  Not professional at all.]

This year, we did this song:

Its only for fun.  Just a reason to sing and play some instruments again.  Always a good time.

On Monday, we got up and headed to a park close to our house.  The kids rode their new scooters.



And we all played on the playground.



Later, Sheena’s friend and her daughter came over.  They baked some cupcakes.


I picked two crates worth of oranges from our backyard.


That evening we went to Sam’s house for dinner.  They invited their church members as well.


Here’s a pic of Erin and Layla in Sam’s toy collection room.  It is a sight to be seen!


Overall, a really great weekend!  I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

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