Weekend Review [Dec. 17th, 2016]

On Friday, I took off to watch the kiddos.  They’re at an age where they always wanna do something. It doesn’t have to be anything big, but something has to be going on.  We played at the house for a bit, but around lunch time, I was running out to things to do.  My laziness didn’t want to make lunch, and I wanted to get some shopping done, so we made our way to Costco.  I don’t know how that was the conclusion… I think it’s mainly because of the pizza there (its really good!).



We love pizza.  The rest of the day, we just kicked it at home.  Nothing too crazy.

Saturday morning, we headed to my brothers house for breakfast.  Check out what Jolly drew on their chalkboard!


Here’s the breakfast spread:


Blesson found Trump coffee.  I had to give it a try.


Decent coffee, but it had a hint of racism.

The kiddos opened up their gifts there as well.


They all loved it!


Later that day we got ready for our friend Pooja’s wedding.


Here’s a pic of the kids at the reception.


Ezzy loves little babies.  Especially his lil cousin Dean.


Pokie forced me to take this picture with him.  He started reminding me about snapping a picture with him earlier in the day, before the wedding even started.  I wondered why and he told me he just wanted to be on the blog.  I’m honored.. and insulted at the same time… but more honored than insulted.  One of my goals for 2017 is to get Pokie to sign up for a Facebook account.  I figure if I keep snapping pics of him, and if y’all keep commenting on how cool he is, he might just do it!  (so keep the comments about Pokie coming).  Lets make Facebook Great Again… by adding Pokie to it.

PSA:  If YOU wanna be on THIS blog, just ask!  I’ll snap a pic with you and maybe YOU can be featured on this blog that’s read by 10 to 12 people!


Back to the wedding.  Here’s a pic with the bride!



Here’s a quick video of the wedding festivities!

Sunday, we did our usual (Church, then HEB).  We visited our friends Benny and Glennie too.  They had their second kiddo about a month ago, so we just wanted to check him out.


Super cute, right?!  Here’s a shot of Jude with big sis Callie.


Saturday night brought on a major cold front to Houston, so Sunday was soo cold (for Houstonians… I know the rest of the country is colder).  Because of that, Layla wanted to “camp” in front of the fireplace.  She laid out a bunch of sleeping bags, pillows and blankets for all of us to warm up by the fire.  Ezzy helped too!


My kids are awesome.  Overall a great weekend!

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