Weekend Review [Dec. 10th, 2016]

This weekend we hung out with friends.  It was great!  On Friday, I had dinner with Siju and Pokie.  We do dinners randomly.  It’s nice.

On Saturday morning, we loaded up the kids and started off on our journey to see our friends Neil and Rita’s new baby girl Aliya!


She is super cute!  The kids thought so too!


It took an hour to get there, so it would take roughly an hour to get back.  We got hungry, so we hit up our favorite burger spot, Guru Burger.


Ezzy enjoyed the mac & cheese.


And Layla liked her cheese burger.


We all shared the sweet potato fries.



After lunch we walked over to the square to see the tree.  Its HUGE!



There was a show put on by a dance school, so we stopped and checked that out as well.


We ran into our friend Anitha and Biju there, so we asked them to snap a pic of us by the tree.


We also ran into our friends Deepa and Jason there as well.  It’s great to run into friend while we’re out and about.

Later that night, I met up with my G-Tribe friends (the Houston Chapter) for dinner.



It’s always a blast to hang out with these guys!

Sunday morning was Layla’s choir performance at church.  She was SUPER excited about it!




She did amazing!  All of the kiddos did!  Here’s a video of how awesome they all are:


The Christmas season is awesome.  I love having reasons to see people and just spend time with family and friends!

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