1st 5K and Joshy’s 1st Bday

This weekend was wet and cold.  The perfect conditions to sleep in and do nothing all day.  Not the case.  I ran a 5K.


At 3am on Saturday morning I woke up to some major rain.  I thought, “Perfect!  The run is canceled and I’ll sleep in”.  The night before an email was sent stating that if it’s just rain the race will be on, but if it becomes something more serious that it’d be canceled.  I had no issues with running, but I didn’t like the idea of running in the rain while it’s cold outside.  5am comes around.  The alarm goes off and I don’t hear any rain.  “Dang it!  I guess I better get ready for the run”.

I get there and meet up with the crew by 6am.  The race starts at 7am.  After getting started, it actually wasn’t that bad.  You warm up quickly and we lucked out and didn’t get rained on.  Here’s a shot of part of the crew before the run.



Afterwards, they had snacks and places to snap pics.  Here’s one of Bibby, Shane and I.  We only did the 5K, so we had some time to roam around while we waited for the over achievers.


Here’s the whole crew.


Overall, it was a pretty fun experience.  I think I’ll try an 10K next time.

Afterwards I scooped up the kids from our friend’s house and got ’em ready to go to Joshy’s 1st Birthday party.  1 year has flown by!


Wes knows one song on the guitar, so he’ll play it to anyone willing to listen.  Brucey loved it, so they had a quick jam session.


Later that evening, our cousins from OKC came into town.  Nancy had recently gotten married so she introduced us to her hubby, Joel.  We grabbed some sushi at a local joint.  It was pretty good!


Here’s a re-cap video of the weekend:


Although the weather wasn’t all that great, it was still a pretty great weekend!

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