Thanksgiving Weekend 2016

Thanksgiving is arguably the best holiday.  You get to spend time with family and friends.  You get to eat a lot of really great food.  You don’t have to worry about gifts.  I mean, I like Christmas too, but Thanksgiving is probably my number one holiday.  Here’s a pic of the family as we’re getting ready to go to Thanksgiving lunch at Mom’s house.


Earlier in the week though, London Sarah came into town and visited!  In case you don’t know, we call her London Sarah because her name is Sarah and she’s from London (duh!).  It was great to catch up with her!


She’s getting married soon, so it was great to see her and get the scoop on what’s been going on.

But back to Thanksgiving.  The weekend started on Wednesday for me.  Here’s a quick video re-cap of what we did:

The next day was Thanksgiving day.  Sheena’s mom hosted lunch at her house.  It was great to see all of the family.  It was potluck styled so everyone brought a dish.  Here’s a quick video re-cap of Thanksgiving day:

Later that day we had Thanksgiving Dinner at Blesson’s house.  That was fun too.  Again, it was pot luck, so there was a ton of great food!





Friday we made it a shopping day.  Here’s the video re-cap:

Later that evening, we had some friends over.  Here’s the spread that Sheena put together.


On Saturday, we were invited to Jerry and Teena’s baby’s dedication.


When Ezzy got restless, we chilled in the lobby.


Later that day, Shane came over.  Layla, Ezra and Shane built a gingerbread house.



Here’s the video re-cap of Saturday:

On Sunday we did our usual (go to church, then hit up HEB).  Here’s a shot of me and the kiddos!


It was a great weekend!  Extended weekends are the best!  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break!

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