Weekend Review [Feb 11th, 2017]

This weekend we had really awesome weather!  With that, we tried to be outside as much as possible.  Here’s a shot from Sunday afternoon.


But let me begin with Friday.  Sheena’s birthday is on Valentine’s day.  So it’s a 2 for 1 for me!  Ezra and Layla had a sleepover at Mom and Dad’s house, so we had the night to ourselves!  We headed in town for dinner at Patrenella’s.  It’s basically a house off of Washington Ave.



That serves really great food!


And dessert!


Saturday morning, I needed to start (and finish) a build that I promised a year ago!  It’s a bench for a kitchen table.  Here are a few shots from the build:





If you’re interested on how it all came together, check out the video I made about it:

While I was building, Sheena scooped up the kids and went to a birthday party for our friends Reji and Reena’s kid, Sophia.  I eventually joined them after I was done with my build.



The rest of Saturday was spent at home just chilling.  Tim came over to kick it for a bit as well.  Good times!

Sunday we went to church, but then came home so that I could finish the bench build.  Later Sheena headed out to the HYPF elections and the kids and I headed to HEB to get our shopping done.  The kids were in a great mood!  Here’s a shot of them being goofy!


Later that day we played in the backyard. Yes, I still have not finished the playset…. but it’ll happen… soon… hopefully.


Overall a great weekend!

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