Writing a Book

Some of y’all picked up on the clues of my updated profile picture on Facebook.


Since the cat is out of the bag, I figured I’d ask my friends here to help me pick out a book cover!  Here are the options!  Please vote on your favorite one by commenting below!



cover3 cover4





If you made it this far, you’ve probably realized that I’m not actually writing a book!  I got a lot of comments on Facebook about the updated profile pic, so I figured I’d have fun with it!  Thanks for all of the comments!  It was actually very flattering!

To make up for deceiving you, here’s a vid of Ezra eating an apple… it’s super cute.

2 Replies to “Writing a Book”

  1. lol. you totally got me! i seriously thought you were writing a book and was going to pick a book cover. =) i, on the other hand, keep talking about writing a book but find it so daunting that i never sit down to start compiling my writing together.


    1. haha.. sorry for misleading you! I’ve actually made 3 ebooks that are pretty close to done, but don’t think I’ll publish it any time soon. So far my writing thirst has been quenched by this blog… but we’ll see!

      If you have the desire to do it, you gotta carve out some time each day to write! The world needs to hear your voice! DO IT!!!


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