Roof Work

Recent hail storms lead to the ability to get a new roof for the house.  It’s something we had done at our previous house too.  I saw this as a good opportunity to expand the breezeway roof between the house and garage.  Currently, it’s pretty narrow.  When it rains we really don’t get much coverage.  So we found a contractor to come in before the roof was installed to do the expansion.

On Saturday morning a truck came and delivered all of the roofing materials.

Here’s a few shots of the narrow roof of the breezeway.

To help illustrate the issues, here’s what the problem is on a windy and rainy day:

As you can see, we still get rained on.  Just a little bit of wind will push the rain towards the walking patch.

On Sunday the contractors came out and got things started. After many hours, here’s what it looks like with the extension done.  I think they did an amazing job.

Monday the roofers came in to replace the entire roof and lay out new shingles on the extension.  Once the roofers finished, the contractors came back to paint their work.

Overall, I’m extremely happy with the results.  I was a little concerned about all of the extra roof blocking the sun from coming in, but we have a large window that’s unobstructed, so we still get a good amount of sunlight in our breakfast room.

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