Weekend Review [March 11th, 2017]

This weekend was rained out… so we didn’t do much.  On Friday, we had dinner at Corelli’s Italian.

Layla stayed busy watching Sheena color.

My food was great.

Sheena didn’t really enjoy her food so the staff took it off our bill.

We usually don’t get dessert… but New York Cheesecake happened.

After dinner we walked over the Half Price Books.  Here’s a quick video of it all:

Saturday Sheena had to work so it was just the kids and me for the morning.  My uncle and aunt came in from Dallas, so the kids and I went to my parent’s house to see them.  The rest of the time we basically stayed home and played.  Later that day Shane came over.  Layla forced him to make a cake from scratch.  Ezzy had a bite of it and described it as “horrible”.  It was cute.  I wish I filmed that!

Sunday was “wear your PJ’s to church” day.  Layla happily obliged.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t “wear your PJ’s to HEB” day… but she didn’t care…. or did she?

Samples all day…

For lunch we joined some family to celebrate Sam Uncle and Mini Aunty’s wedding anniversary.

It was nice to just hang out.  Afterwards everyone came over for chai.  We love chai.

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