Weekend Review [March 4th, 2017]

This weekend was pretty laid back.  Usually we have a bunch of things planned but this weekend, we just kicked it.  The weather was pretty wack, so it was more reason to just stay home.  We did walk over to our neighbor’s house for lunch.  Since it was just down the street, we loaded the kids in the wagon.

Jason and Deepa were great!  They grilled up some fajitas for lunch!  It was delicious!  Here’s a pic of them with their kiddos!

We took the dessert to go.  Ezzy waited to get home to eat it… like this:

Cute, but not every effective.  Later that evening, Blesson and Jolly came by and we had dinner.  I went to HEB to get the stuff needed for dinner and ran into Siju… he literally ran into me with his cart….

I cooked some salmon and Sheena whipped up a salad.

The kids had mac & cheese.

Dean felt left out.  Instead of picking him up to console him, I took a picture of him crying (#AwesomeUncle)

Blesson approves the meal.

The kids played dress up.  We realized that we should get some dress-up clothes that are more boy-oriented.. but they don’t seem to mind.

They also made some art.

…and read a book in bed.

On Sunday, we did our usual.  We went to church and then headed to HEB.  Sunday night Sheena and I ate something that didn’t sit well and we both got pretty sick.  We ended up sleeping all day Monday (minus the time we spent taking the kids to school and then picking them up, only to drop them off at Mom and Dad’s house).  We’re feeling better now, but not at 100% just yet.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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