Weekend Review – Rodeo!

This weekend was filled with a lot of things, namely the Rodeo!

But let me start at the beginning.  During the week, we celebrated my Dad’s birthday.  Mom made a cake and the kids helped Dad cut (and eat) it.

On Friday, we did our monthly prayer meeting.  This time it was at Blesson and Jolly’s house.

Ruby came down from Dallas for a visit too!  It was great to see her!

Sheena spoke.  She did an amazing job!  If you’re looking for a speaker at your next event, holla at me!  As her manager, I’ll get you the best rate!

Afterwards, the kiddos watched a movie.

Saturday morning, I met with a friend for a bit, but came home to see the kids examining “Sparkles” the slug.

Around lunch time we headed to Chuck E. Cheese’s for Anya’s birthday party!  On the stage, this scary looking demon was on the stage.

He stood about 6 or 7 feet… that’s the creep I be seeing in my sleep….

I was more frightened than the kids were… which is probably a good thing.  Here’s some shots from the party.

The birthday girl was all smiles!

Pokie didn’t get the memo that the games were actually for the kids…

Bibby didn’t get that memo either…

After the party we went home.  The kids (and Sheena) took a long nap.  For dinner, we headed to Beck’s Prime and sat outside.  The weather was awesome!

On Sunday, we changed things up a bit…  We went to HEB and then went to Church!  We’re such rebels…

After lunch, we headed to the Rodeo!  We all met up at my parent’s house and caravan’d to NRG Stadium.  (Just FYI, Dad’s not wearing a Trump hat).

It was a blast!  A lot of walking (thank God for the double stroller), but all the games and sites to see where well worth it!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


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