Weekend Review [March 25th, 2017]

This weekend was very busy!  Luckily, I like busy.

We were finally able to see Jeremiah (Dudley and Betsey’s baby)

But that was on Sunday.  Let me go back a bit.

On Thursday, Sheena and I went to the Dave Chappelle Show.  There were no phones allowed in the venue, so I don’t have any pics, but I do have this pic of Sheena when we went to Jinya afterwards for ramen.  (She fine).

The show was awesome.  He’s still hilarious!  Even his opening acts were pretty funny as well.  Overall, a really great time!

On Friday, Sheena had a girls night out with some of her friends, so I hauled the kids out to Blesson’s house just to keep us all occupied and entertained.  The kids put on a concert for us (sorry for the blurry pic).

Then they laughed at some TV show.

Then all four of ’em started to wind down a bit.

I gave them baths before we left (strategic) so that they could fall asleep on the drive back home and I would be able to just carry them both straight to bed.  Unfortunately, Blesson had the brilliant idea of serving Sunkist with the pizza for dinner… so they were jacked up on that sugar!  J/K… they eventually fell asleep.

On Saturday, Blesson and I did a small project (I’ll post a video about it in a few weeks).  We were close to Wes’ side of town so we all grabbed lunch together.  It was nice to kick it and just chat for a bit.

After Blesson’s project, my friend Ashok came over and we started another project as well.  I’ll post a video about that one as soon as the project is done.  So basically, Saturday was a full day of being outside and working… which is great!  It’s hard to have opportunities to actually do that, so when it comes, it’s fun to make happen!  Ashok, Limi and Naomi kicked it for dinner as well.  It was nice to chat and just hang out a bit.

On Sunday, we did our usual.  We went to church and then headed to HEB.  Layla looks like she doesn’t want to take a pic, but she’s actually saying that she’s five years old.  Ezzy just fell asleep at the wheel… not really, he was actually trying to eat the wheel.

After HEB we quickly went home, dropped off our groceries and headed back to the church.  There were a few people getting baptized, so we wanted to come and support.

Here’s the crowd.

Our friend Amy snapped a pic of us.

Here’s Pastor Malcolm making a few announcements.

And here’s Tyler baptizing his son.  Very special moment!

Afterwards, we stopped by Ula’s for lunch.  First time there.  Pretty good food!

Sheena was hopeful that Ezzy would offer his ice cream to her.

Here’s Layla enjoying her ice cream.

After a quick stop back at the house, we headed to Pasadena to visit baby Jeremiah.

Look how alert he is!  Super cute!

After Pasadena, we drove to Pearland to visit Mom.  After we kicked it there for a bit, we drove to Sugarland to visit Mini Aunty and Sam Uncle.  They had leftover food from a party, so we swooped in to grab some of that grub for the week!

Sunday was a lot of driving, but it’s nice to just see friends and family.

Overall a really great weekend!

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